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New software update for Nokia Asha 305 (RM-766): v. 7.42

Written By Gsm Aceh Langsa Updated 6/21/2013 | 3:51 AM

We have started rolling out  a new software update for Nokia Asha 305 (RM-766): v.7.42. The update is already available to many countries via Nokia Suite and expected to become available also via FOTA soon. Find the update instructions from here:http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Wiki/Software_update_instructions_for_Nokia_Asha_%28%26_Ser...

Key changes compared to previous 7.35 SW update include:

  • Whatsapp launcher added
  • Updated version of Notifications application.
  • General performance & usability improvements
PS. if you update your device with Nokia Suite, make sure you install the latest Nokia Suite 3.8 client version first. You can download it from here:http://nds1.nokia.com/files/support/global/phones/software/Nokia_Suite_webinstaller_ALL.exe

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Update offline can read and download firmwares for flashing here
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New software update for Nokia Asha 305 (RM-766): v. 7.42


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