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UFS HWK V still not available for HWK Interface User.
UFS HWK V Download Links :

  | Hwk Control Panel
Hwk Control Panel still working for Upgrade any box hwk for all user, look the image / video / Tutorials below :

Hwk Control Panel image 1
Hwk Control Panel image 2
Date publish : 2/20/2016
Tutorial update hwk 2016 Indonesia language version here => hwk update 2016

All HWK Box Interface User could not updated and install HWK Softwares caused by Server HWK Down and Expired domain, on date 4/2/2016.

We can look by image below, GoDaddy*com claim the sarunasoftware*com 
Notice: This Domain name expired on 4/2/2016 and is pending renewal or delition.
Sarunasoft / hwk server down 

Hwk Control Panel Show / display like image below :

Hwk Control Panel Logs :

CPU: GenuineIntel
Platform: Windows NT 6.1 (Build 7600 )
Versions: Ufs2xx.dll 3.2.7, Ufs2xx.sys 2.8.30
C:\Program Files
C:\Program Files\Common Files
Nokia Path not Found, Set to: C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix
C:\Users\MyPC\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
<!DOCTYPE html><body style="padding:0; margin:0;"><html><body><iframe src="http://mcc.godaddy.com/park/Mz5ynTShMzWmM2chMKVhpTW6" style="visibility: visible;height: 100%; position:absolute" allowtransparency="true" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" width="100%"></iframe></body></html>
Wrong Panel Software, Install Latest !Server Error: 2

We Hope sarunasoft team quiqly for payment them server before GoDaddy.com delete this domain name or server.

Tips for all hwk box user : dont uninstall HWK Box before all problem Clean, can check by open our Hwk Panel in computer.
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