Flashing ZTE V5 Pro/BLade A711 [N939SC]

Flashing ZTE V5 Pro/BLade A711/N939SC with New Firmwares Updated with MMC

ZTE Recovery

Precautions prior to reinstallation (vital):
1. Disable “Face”, “Pattern” or “Password” unlock.
2. Please back up all yours personal data before upgrade and flashing.
3. Make sure your phone has enough araund 60% upper.
4. During the reinstallation process, put your phone flatly and do not touch the screen and wait untill progress.
5. Copy the SD package to SD card, it only support external storage upgrade with Recovery Mode.
6. Choice Update Zip from SD Card and choice ZIP Fimwares.

ZTE V5 Pro/BLade A711/N939SC Firmwares Link

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Flashing ZTE V5 Pro/BLade A711 [N939SC]
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