Hard Reset Nokia 108 (RM-944) Dual SIM

Hard Reset Nokia 108 (RM-944) Dual SIM

How to Hard Reset Nokia 108 (RM-944) Dual SIM card ?
Follow step by step to Hard Reset this phone with simple ways.
    *) Make sure battery around 60 % or upper.

    *) Turn Off Nokia 108.

    *) Press and hold 4 button => Power Key - Call Key - 3 Key - Star(*) Key.

    *) Waiting for 1 minute will reboot to recovery also will clean all data and phone lock.

    *) After successfully now factory reset done.

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If problem still continue or still not solved with this tips, now we must to service with flasher methode.

In flasher methode,must have really original firmware for flashing.

For more detail can look here how to flashing / unlock Nokia 108 => Unlock Nokia MTK | Flashing Nokia MTK with HWK
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