29 Jul 2011

Kode Rahasia BB ( Blackberry )

Berikut ini adalah Kode Rahasia Untuk Blackberry

- M E P D pada Sim Card : mengecek status Blackberry locked atau unlocked
- ALT + Cap / Aa Right + DEL : merestart Blackberry yang sedang hang
- ALT + N M L L : cek sinyal bar
- ALT + V A L D : verifikasi Address Book
- ALT + R B L D : merombak Address Book
- ALT + Right Shift + Delete : mengetahui simulasi kapasitas baterai full
- ALT + L G L G = mengetahui log yang sudah dilakukan dalam Blackberry
- ALT + NUM / Aa / Cap + H : mengetahui Akses Informasi PIN, IMEI, Vendor ID, Free Memory, Versi OS
- ALT + R B V : melihat source code Webpage
- ALT + left Shift + press H : mengetahui info teknis Blackberry
- * # 0 6 # : mengetahui IMEI Blackberry

Step by step repair mobile phone for any problem and solution can looking by my posts also can short by line in image for guides, we are always try to be better for teaching around the software and hardware for get the good value for repairing any models and product of mobile phone also get best solution include the images shared, softwares and can asked me again if any problem can accour to easy fix and get fast solution for mobile phone repairs.

The firs time must looking the line for jump to track or short. Second, must to real phone when looking for fix problem like nokia, do not do it for samsung and other phone if your not understand.

The images share is telling about jump or track for simcard not detect, lcd light, lcd ways, keypad broken line, no speaker sounds, mic jumper, dead phone repair, hansfree mode fix, and many more...

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Kode Rahasia BB ( Blackberry )
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