19 Sep 2011

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Javelin Usb Ways Solution by jumper

                    BB Bold 9000 Javelin Usb lines
BB Bold 9000 Usb Ways / lines
try more to fix : Nokia 5130 keypad solution, keys and switches connection tracing guide for repair
Here's the Nokia 5130 complete keypad solution, this solution shows each certain keypad key connections including the button switches such as the volume up and volume down control buttons and also the MP3 player button switches such as the Start/stop, forward and rewind button switches.

The solution may help repair and fix nokia 5130 keypad malfunction and button switches failure. You may check, trace particular keys which are not able to function by using the repair guide below. Each group of colors indicates that they are connected with each other. So just locate where that particular non working key being connected and mend it found cut or open.

Nokia 5130 xpressmusic keypad keys malfunction full tracing solution
nokia 5130 keypad key jumper ways full tracks

The Power ON/OFF key is isolated and not connected to other group of key connection for it only holds for switching or powering up the device. There is an open spots near the keypad filter IC that the power ON and OFF key can be connected when the power key fails or or if the line is cut or open.

Nokia 5130 ON-OFF power key jumper ways 
nokia 5130 power on and off jumper ways

And here's the internal connection of the keypad filter IC, you may check and apply a temporary jumper on this components to ensure that the inner line paths from the application processor is not being damaged.

Nokia 5130 keypad filter IC jumper ways 
nokia 5139 keypad filter Ic jumper ways

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BlackBerry Bold 9000 Javelin Usb Ways Solution by jumper
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