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BlackBerry Onyx / 9700 Camera Solution

                      BB 9700/9780 Camera Solution
    BB Onyx Camera fix by jump
    Try to fix more for  : Nokia 5130 LCD Display jumper ways solution
    Here's the LCD Display line paths tracing guide for heavy a and deep troubleshooting Nokia 5130 LCD Screen Display problem such white screen, blue screen, blank or black screen, garbled and saturated screen displays. This solution shows the exact location where each corresponding LCD pin connector connected to a particular components for easy line tracing procedures.

    This first solution shows the voltage supply to the LCD display module that feeds to the pin connector. You may check, trace this particular voltages first.this also includes the LCD display backlight LED corresponding current and voltage pin configuration. If this voltages are not present this will also result to display problem issues.

    Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic LCD display supply voltage 
    and baclight LED's pin connections
    nokia 5130 LCD display LED backlight pin connection

    And this solution corresponds to each and every LCD display data signals connection to the pin connector that being feeds from the application processor (CPU IC) through to the LCD display module.

     Nokia 5130 LCD display pin connection configuration ( display jumper ways  )
    nokia 5130 LCD display pin connector jumper ways solution

    All these lines is connected to an Filter chip resistors that have a resistance value of 33 ohms per each resistor.You may check, trace, replace this particular chip resistor if found damaged. And if found an open line paths, just try to manage applying a jumper wire on it for that is the only option.

    BlackBerry Onyx / 9700 Camera Solution

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