Nokia 1200,1208,1209 Light Solution

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    The firs time must looking the line for jump to track or short. Second, must to real phone when looking for fix problem like nokia, do not do it for samsung and other phone if your not understand. The images share is telling about jump or track for simcard not detect, lcd light, lcd ways, keypad broken line, no speaker sounds, mic jumper, dead phone repair, hansfree mode fix, and many more... We are not affiliate with cell phone companies like Nokia,Samsung,Sony Ericsson,LG,Motorolla,Oppo,BenQ,Advan,Xiaomi,HTC,Evercoss,Lenovo,China Mobile and some other etc Manufacturers / Vendors . All trademarks are the property of the respective owners trademark . We just provide diagrams for study and repairing with flashing also engine repairs guides and many more tricks for good value. We are here only as a connector, all the articles I post about phones repair that not all 100% tested. Althought has been tested by ours, however the analysis as well , either in the form of drawings, firmware software, and others. We are not responsible if something goes wrong on your phone, so check your phone properly.
    Nokia 1200,1208,1209 Light Solution
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    This repair manuals covers the following hardware problem issues:

    Nokia 1200 Contact Service solution
    Nokia 1200 Dead set / No Power solution
    Nokia 1200 Flash Light failure
    Nokia 1200 Hands Free mode problem
    Nokia 1200 Insert Sim Card problem
    Nokia 1200 Key Pad malfunction
    Nokia 1200 LED back Light failure
    Nokia 1200 Local Mode Test Mode problem
    Nokia 1200 Mic / no mouthpiece audio
    Nokia 1200 No Display on Lcd
    Nokia 1200 Not Charging problem
    Nokia 1200 Ringer/ Buzzer failure
    Nokia 1200 Signal /No Network
    Nokia 1200 Speaker Earpiece
    Nokia 1208 Mobile Repair Manuals This covers the following solutions of the problems and failures below, Nokia 1208 Contact Service repair Nokia 1208 Dead set / No Power Nokia 1208 Dead set / Shorted Nokia 1208 Flash Light failure Nokia 1208 Hands Free Mode problem Nokia 1208 Insert Sim /No Sim Nokia 1208 Key Pad Not Working / keys malfunction Nokia 1208 Light Problem Nokia 1208 Local Mode Test Mode problem Nokia 1208 Microphone /mouthpiece failure Nokia 1208 No Display on Lcd Nokia 1208 Not Charging Nokia 1208 Ringer Buzzer Nokia 1208 Signal No Network Nokia 1208 Speaker Earpiece

    Nokia 1200,1208,1209 Light Solution

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