Nokia 1616,1800,1280,Charging No Response Problem

    Nokia 1616,1800,1280,fixed
    Solution to fix Charger Not Supported on Nokia 1800 and Nokia 1616
    Charger not supported occurs if the battery temperature resistor is being damaged, This solution shows the exact location of this said chip resistor on the main PCB board. This chip resistor needs to replace if a charger not supported will show on the LCD display screen during when a battery charger is being plug-in.
    Nokia 1800 and nokia 1616 charger not supported solution
    nokia 1800 1616 charger not supported

    The value of this said chip resistor is 47K, you may find a replacement on it any non working old nokia PCB board.    Nokia 1616,1800,1280,hardwares Problem Related Fix :Nokia 1616 Keypad and LCD screen display backlight problem solution
    Here's the Nokia 1616 solution for keypad and LCD screen display backlight LED problem, that result to dark screen display on the LCD screen and no illuminating light LED on the keypads.We revive this solution for too many new techies asking from our request box for a complete guide, since we already have created a solution for this in here.

    Now, we are going to tackle a few more hints on how to easily solved the Nokia 1616 keypad and LED light problem situation if occurred.

    The given solution will show you the much clearer image of the Nokia 1616 backlight LED circuit. The components and its connection line paths were completely highlighted for easy troubleshooting procedures.

    Nokia 1616,1800,1280,Charging No Response Problem

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