Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 v.06.20 BI

                                       Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 v.06.20 BI
    Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 v.06.20 BI 

    Below Link To Download Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 :
    Update :Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 v.06.20 BI 
    Before : Nokia 1800 RM-653 v.05.80 BI

    Hardware : Charger not supported occurs if the battery temperature resistor is being damaged, This solution shows the exact location of this said chip resistor on the main PCB board. This chip resistor needs to replace if a charger not supported will show on the LCD display screen during when a battery charger is being plug-in

    Here's the solution to repair Nokia 1800 power ON/OFF switch problem. This problem may cause the device unable to power up when hitting the power key. The problem may easily configured if the power ON and OFF switch key has no response, but the device is not totally dead for it shows a charging indication when you charge it up. Now, this solution simply shows the line paths (ON OFF ways)of the power key

    Nokia 1800-2 RM-653 v.06.20 BI

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