29 Sep 2011

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Why show in display Fake Charging and how to solved

                    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music not full Charging
Nokia 5530 Xpress Music pcb
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Here's the solution for Nokia 5630 with a charger not supported problem shows on the display when the battery charger is being plug-in. This solution below shows the certain components that needs to be replace if this  problem seemingly occurred, due to wet or water damaged devices.

If this problem happens, first try to replace the phone's battery and or use other working battery charger and also try to replace the phone's battery.
If  problem still exist, only then you will proceed to locate the component showed on the solution below and do some hardware troubleshooting. 

Nokia 5630 Charger Not Supported Solution
nokia 5630 charger not supported repair

Locate the 47K Btemp resistor, it is being mounted near the GAZOO IC on the PCB board, then try to replace it with same value.You can find this component on any other nokia old and not working or already junk PCB boards. Some charger not supported problems is cause by an oxidation build, you may also consider to clean the whole PCB board using a liquid cleaner.

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Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Why show in display Fake Charging and how to solved
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