Nokia 5530 Xpress Music fix problem for Handsfree not working

                   Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Handsfree Solution
    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Handsfree Solution
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    This solution covers and may possibly help solved Nokia X6 Ringer and and Hands free loud speaker No sounds can be heard. You may need to ensure that the loud speakers is working well before applying this solution.

    Nokia X6 Ringer and Hands Free Speaker No sounds problem solution
    nokia x6 ringer and handsfree speaker jumper ways solution

    In Nokia X6 the handsfree speaker came with two channel the left and the right channel or so called stereo type. The audio signal is feeds from the power and audio chip (AVILMAS) and feeds to a audio amplifier IC to boost and amplify the sounds intensity.
    You may need to check, trace, replace and rework those corresponding components indicated on the solution picture above.

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    This is a solution for Nokia 5630 Xpressmusic ringer or hands free speaker that no audio or sounds can be heard over it. This solution shows some simple hints on how to fix the device if this problem occurred.

    To solve and fix this problem, you may first try to restore or update the device flash firmware. Then proceed to hardware check up for further troubleshooting. Then check the speaker assembly for possible damaged, then clean  the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board. This solution below shows the components and connection line paths of the  ringer speaker on the device.

    Nokia 5630 Ringer, Buzzer or Hands Free Speaker Problem Solution
    nokia 5630 ringer speaker jumper ways tracks

    You may just trace and check the corresponding components connected to each channel. There are two hands free speaker circuit on the device, the left and right channel. The components such as the filter coils and ESD protection chip on each channel- check this components and replace if found damaged. A possibility that you may need to rework the power/audio chip (GAZOO) for deeper troubleshooting, especially when the device suffered wet or water damaged.

    Nokia 5530 Xpress Music fix problem for Handsfree not working

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