29 Sep 2011

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Insert Sim Card Solution

Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Insert Sim Card Solution
Nokia 5530 Xpress music Insert sim solution
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Here's the Nokia X3-02 solution for not detected or recognize memory card problem. This solution provides some simple steps on how to troubleshoot the phone if it is unable to detect or recognize the microSD card inserted to it.

The microSD memory card slot on Nokia X3-02 is attached on the flex cable together with the sim card slot and keypad matrix, you may need to start checking the said flex in troubleshooting memory card not detected problem.Cleaning the microSD slot first will help.

The given solution guide picture below shows the connection line paths of each and every pins of the keypad slot. This is useful in tracing and also by mending a reconnection (applying jumper) if the said flex is damaged and without replacing it.

Nokia X3-02 memory card not detected problem solution
nokia x3-02 mmc problem jumper ways

Repair hints for MMC not detected problem on Nokia X3-02:
1. Replace or try to use another working microSD card.
2. Clean the microSD slot pins if oxidation build ups found.
3. Check the flex cable connector wire for possible damaged, replace if necessary or:
4. Manage to apply a jumper wire on a open or cut line paths if having hard time finding the replacement for the keypad flex.
5. Check the memory card supply voltage (VMEM).
6. If the above procedures doesn't solve, the possible faulty is the PEARLJ chip, reworking or replacing it will only fix your Nokia X3-02 MMC not detected problem.

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Nokia 5530 Xpress Music Insert Sim Card Solution
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