Nokia E5 why can not to charging problem

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    Nokia e5 charging problem
    More way to fix : Nokia 6124c Charger Not Supported Solution
    Here's the solution for Nokia 6124 classic with charger not supported problem. This solution shows which certain components needs to replace when such kind of problem occurred.

    Refer to the solution below and locate the highlighted component on the PCB board. Then do a replacement for that particular component.

    Nokia 6124C Not Charging solution - charger not supported
    nokia 6124c charger not supported repair picture

    The BTEMP (battery temperature) resistor which has a value of 47K is connected to the battery BSI (battery stat indicator) terminal. If the said component become faulty or damaged it will result and show "charger not supported" on the device when the charger is being plug-in. Replacing it will possibly fix the problem.

    Learn also to solved : Nokia C2-00 Display and Keypad Light LED Solution (Connection Jumper Ways )
    Here's the solution if it happens that you are troubleshooting Nokia C2-00 LCD Display and or keypad backlight problem caused by wet damaged or anything else.

    This guide may help you out if the LCD screen shows a dark screen and or the keypad white LED are not functioning. The solution below shows the connection line paths of the LCD and keypad backlight LED of Nokia C2-00 PCB board. You can easily trace and locate where the possible problem occurred.

    On Nokia C2-00, the keypad and LCD white backlight LED were connected in series, so it means if there is one LED is busted the whole backlight circuit will  shutdown. For easy troubleshooting, you may first check both of the white LED on keypad, then check also the battery power voltage (VBAT 3.7V) connection.
    The LED driver circuit will be the next  spot, then check all the corresponding LED+ and LED- connections down to each of the keypad and LCD white LED.

    Nokia C2-00 Keypad and LCD Display Backlight Connection Tracks
    Nokia C2-00 keypad,LCD backlight jumper tracks

    Nokia E5 why can not to charging problem

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