7 Apr 2012

iphone 5 upgrade lost contacts

iphone 5 upgrade lost contacts - Have problem iphone 5 when upgrade lost contacts .... read more

Solution #0 – My Fix Without Trying It

Sorry to throw this in, but I feel the contacts disappearing is just because your phone isn’t done syncing:
Connect your iPhone to iTunes
Click on your iPhone in the left panel under devices
Click “Sync” in the lower right corner.
Please give your phone a chance to restore.  Remember, a new OS means a fresh install, and restoring a backup.  If you interrupt that (as I did) you may not have all your apps, settings, songs, etc.
Solution #1 – The Text Message Fix

This seems to be the most popular solution if you can see your contacts in your text messaging:
Open a recent Text Message
Tap the top of the screen (scrolls to the top of the message)
Tap “Contact”
Edit the contact in some way (add an email, new fake phone number or something, you can delete later
Hit the “Back” button
You should have your contacts back.  Please delete the “edit the contact in some way” if you don’t want it.
Solution #2 – The iCloud Fix

This is probably related to problems with iCloud:
Go to “Settings”
Click on “iCloud” (it’s in the app section if you scroll down)
Turn off your settings
Turn them back on
Again, this probably triggers a “re-sync” with iCloud to force contacts back
Solution #3 – The Import from SIM Fix

This fix relies on you storing contacts in your SIM card most likely:
Go to “Settings”
Click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
Click “Import SIM Contacts”
I wouldn’t rely on this as it may vary based on carrier.
Solution #4 – Reset Your iPhone (Thanks Josh — see comments)

This fix was submitted by a commenter, and it worked for him (basically the same as everything … reset and force a sync):
Make sure you are connected to iTunes and online
Turn off your iPhone
Turn it on again
iPhone should sync automatically (this could take time, don’t interrupt it!)
Hope it works!
Solution #5 – Restore Your iPhone

This fix submitted by Chris (thanks!) in the comments, and seems to work for a few people:
Plug iPhone into Computer
Launch iTunes
After it’s done syncing, right click on iPhone (under devices in the left) and click on “Restore from Backup”
Choose one (it may not be the most recent, some folks have bad backups just before the upgrade)
Let the iPhone restore completely

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iphone 5 upgrade lost contacts
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