10 Apr 2012

mxkey no bb5

mxkey no bb5 - mxkey after install no bb5

mx key 3.5 rev 1.4 mediafire

MXKEY v3.5 revision 1.4, Public-Release
v3.5 revision 1.4, Public-Release




introduced HTI Firmware version 00.24

new in firmware:

firmware accept SL3instant unlock activations

bugfixed: BB5 security repair algorithm for RAPIDO new ASIC

implemented WD2 and BTMCM flashing protocol

implemented TIKU and MM(NAND) flashing protocol

please Update HTI by using "Update HTI" button or "HTIUpdate.exe"

improved: antivirus compatibility.

improved: daily update check routine.

improved: built-in downloader routine

added: resume support

bugfixed: handing big file size(more than 1G)

added: support for upcomming windows 8(windows developer preview) support.

added: Detailed 'LastError' message window when No Security Dongle Detected

added: Detailed HTI identity(boot & fw version, serial) on connect.

New Application released:

MXKEY - Fire Agent(fire.exe), it brand new support tool and firmwares download support client

Using shared configuration with corresponding module, simplify the needs to download/update firmware file.

Working in sync mode with modules for better usage.

using built-in downloader with resume support.

Supported services:

Nokia firmware, along with latest firmware notification info

CDMA firmware, various vendor(Alcatel, Haier, Huawei, LG, Nokia, ZTE)

more services tobe added at the future

- Nokia Tool

important informations(Asic ID, ROOT KEY HASH, UEM Imei) now highlited (beginner friendly).

added: BB5 security repair function for RAPUv2 phones (beta testing)

added: Verify Secure Data at 'Read SL3 Hash'/'Read Phone IDs',

used to verify if secure data readed from the phone is valid to make sure the hash readed by software(both USB/FBUS) is 100% correct

added: "Fire Support" menu in module`s options.

added: support to load variant definitions created by fire.exe

added: Spesified window dialog when card is busy/used by other module to fire.exe, sl3u.exe.

added: support to convert log to other thirparty format to SL3BF module (sl3u.exe)

added: new definition to 'phoneIdentity.ini.default'

added: flash loader version to setup

added: RPL backup list load at scan (used for "Write Rpl' with 'Use RPL file' ticked)

added: PM backup list load at scan

improved: module initialization.

improved: 'phone definitions loading' at first load.

improved: 'HTI Auto BSI(SoftTMA)' set.

improved: file/image version check routine.

improved: Reboot after flash mode

improved: WD2 flashing with HTI

bugfixed: BTMCM flashing bug with HTI

bugfixed: No Security Dongle Detected when HTI connected with phone(HTI power switched off on load)

bugfixed: RAPIDO New Asic security repair function

- CDMA Tool

added: "Fire Support" menu in module`s options.

Public discussions thread


17 pcs SL3 cables in 1 SET, 44 phones supported

MXKEY CABLES - LED SERIES - 17 pcs cables in 1 SET, 44 phones supported (WORLD FIRST) - GSM-Forum


11 pcs SL3 cables in 1 SET, 15 phones supported

MXKEY CABLES - LED SERIES - 11 pcs cables in 1 SET, 15 phones supported (WORLD FIRST) - GSM-Forum

Source by : mx-key.com

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