13 Jun 2012

Jl_cmder v1.9.4 Download

Jl_cmder v1.9.4 available to  download,below download links for  jl_cmder v1.9.4.zip,support win xp,vista,7.

*) jl_cmder v1.9.4.zip - Size : (199 KB) DOWNLOAD NOW
What is JL_Cmder?
JL_Cmder stands for JavaLoader Commander. JavaLoader is a command line tool provided by BlackBerry. JL_Cmder simplifies accessing the most commonly used JavaLoader commands.

Update 10/14/2011: v1.9.4
Whats new in v1.9.4?
Updated JavaLoader.exe file so it works with OS 7 devices.

What can JL_Cmder do?
Below is a brief overview of the available commands.
deviceinfo - Displays information about the handheld.
eventlog - Retrives and displays the handheld event log.
screenshot - Takes a picture of the handheld screen. (OS 4.0.2+ required)
wipe - Erases the handheld OS. Not really, but that is the simpleist way to explain it. After using the "wipe" command the device will be completely inoperative until the OS is reinstalled. (Error 507 will be displayed on the device)
resettofactory - Removes the IT Policy from the device and wipes the device of personal data while leaving the OS installed and usable. (OS 4.3+ required).

NOTE: This is most likely the last update to JL_Cmder as the next handheld OS is supposed to be BBX.

NOTE: Do NOT use JL_Cmder to "wipe" your device if you are just wanting to wipe your personal data from the device and leave it as it was out of the box. If you use the "wipe handheld" option in JL_Cmder your device will be rendered useless (Error 507) until you reload the entire OS. If you just want to wipe your personal data but leave the OS you can use the "wipe handheld" in the Options >Security Options >General Settings Menu on your device or, if your device has OS 4.3 or higher, use the "resettofactory" command in JL_Cmder. The only difference between the "wipe handheld" in the Security Options on the device and "resettofactory" in JL_Cmder is that "resettofactory" also removes the IT policy on 4.3 and higher OS devices.

Do NOT use JL_Cmder to wipe your device if your device is working fine and are simply attempting to upgrade your OS and you can't get the OS to load or be recognized by Desktop Manager or Loader.exe. Doing so will most likely render your device useless until you find the root cause of why the OS will not load to the device. Generally, this is caused by not deleting the vendor.xml file(s) or USB issues with the PC.

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Jl_cmder v1.9.4 Download
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