8 Sep 2013

Nokia Asha 308 Flashing Done

Nokia Asha 308 Flashing Done

Below Log Flashing for nokia asha 308 rm-838

Flashing started

Creating product data items list
Product data items list created
Backup not required
Flashing phone
Scanning image files...
Waiting for USB device...
Loading secondary boot code: 22976 bytes
Secondary boot loaded
BB Asic Index is: 00
Asic ID is: 00000C2016100040299220888958749C0D2B3200
BB Asic Index is: 00
Public ID is: 4935E0F899656DC1299220888958749C0D2B3200
BB Asic Index is: 00
Asic Mode ID: 00
BB Asic Index is: 00
Hash: 125FC72605B5C4E48A9E0225084D2579
BB Asic Index is: 00
ROM ID: 535882252F54C676
Loading update server: 205624 bytes
Update server loaded
Programming data sent: 0%
Programming data sent: 10%
Programming data sent: 20%
Programming data sent: 30%
Programming data sent: 40%
Programming data sent: 50%
Programming data sent: 60%
Programming data sent: 70%
Programming data sent: 80%
Programming data sent: 91%
Programming data sent: 100%
Device reported data counter for CMT async pipe 2: 83156032
Asic CMT: Verifying communication to device...
Mobile device flashing completed.
Waiting for phone to boot up
Bootup successful
Verifying communication to product (before flash finalizing) 
Communication verified
Product code changed
Reading Dynamic Camera Configuration ID 1
Updating configuration of camera with ID 1
Dynamic Camera Configuration updating failed: 0x84167501 - AudioVisual: No configuration file matching the camera name string 0A350160 was found.
Data restoring skipped
Stopping all operations, returning phone to default mode
All operations completed
Firmware updating succeeded

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Nokia Asha 308 Flashing Done
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