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Trojan and Virus Android Name 2015 / 2016
monkey test image
Trojan / Virus for Android Name 2015 / 2016 - Until Nowaday No One AV (Anti Virus) for Android can fix Trojan and Virus listed below :
* Measure.apk
* Monkey Test.apk
* iKeybord.apk
* androidSystem.apk
* Scurity Plugin.apk
* pro.apk
* Search help
* Video Hot
* Wifi key
* Sexy Virus
* Hot Video Search
* Sexy tube.

Just Experiment only for education can try to fix this problem with Apk Software Remover. (Read more How To Fix)

For fixed problem by flashing methode will working but if just reset / factory reset the virus / trojan will reload automatically.

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