UFI software latest setup 2017

    Feature UFI Box:

    Read/Dump raw data of extcsd, boot1, boot2, gpx(if any), and userarea

    Read/Dump or Write raw data of userarea partition (usefull for modem/efs data backup/exchange)

    Screen Capture to help identify problems with display

    Clear PERM_WRITE_PROTECT (Samsung eMMC/moviNAND only):

    Similiar to "Clear PERM_WRITE_PROTECT" with direct emmc connection, this will disable WRITE PROTECT but by USB cable.

    this function will also Disabling the use of PERM_WRITE_PROTECT.


    Similiar to "Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT" with direct emmc connection but by USB cable.

    Disabling the use of PERM_WRITE_PROTECT, so the host can not enable WRITE PROTECT.

    ADD: UFI Smartcard life counter refill function

    You will be asked to refill the life counter when the value is bellow 10%.

    ADD: eMMC Tp definitions updated
    Ufi Android
    BUGFIX: Resize User Data partition bug for some devices(e.g Samsung SM-T111)

    BUGFIX: Downloading files in SUPPORT sometimes get corrupted

    BUGFIX: SUPPORT might get hang while loading RSS feed

    BUGFIX: FFU bugfix for moviNAND with "VMX0" controller

    BUGFIX: Double Click to select file was not working on Windows XP

    BUGFIX: minor bugfixes and improvements (as always)

    After setup, please "synchronize files" to get the latest available update.
    * UPDATE * latest version 

    UFI software latest setup:
    UFI_v1.2.0.399_setup.zip (size: 93.6 MB)

    Additional packages:
    UFI_android-mediatek.db-pkg.7z (size: 99.3 MB)

    UFI_emmc-isp-pictures-pkg.7z (size: 63.6 MB)

    UFI_android-superuser-pkg.7z (size: 17 MB)

    UFI-ASUS_intel_debrick_package.zip (size: 116 MB)

    Manual & Tutorial:

    - How To Activate Android ToolBox
    - How To Activate UFIBOX
    - Step-By-Step Installation

    Downloadable Manual (size: 4.5 MB)

    UFI software latest setup 2017

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