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ZTE Android FRP Lock Fix used Fastboot [unlockjunky]

ZTE N939Sc Weiwu 3 Unlocked by FRP Google Tips for Device can Usable again without Lock by FRP.

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Simple way to bypass ZTE N939Sc Locked by FRP, just follow me:

*) Open Adb_Fastboot [download here]
*) Type Command in Windows

#) fastboot -w
#) fastboot oem unlock
#) fastboot erase userdata
#) fastboot reboot

How to enter to fastboot mode for common ZTE Android Phones?

*)Press and Hold Volume Up and Power Button waiting for a while, will show [display] fastboot mode
Just 3 command will fix the FRP Lock for ZTE Android.
                            fastboot oem unlock | fastboot -w | fastboot erase userdata | fastboot reboot

Now Can look the logs from CMD Adb_Fastboot :

CD:\ADBFastboot>fastboot -w
Creating filesystem with parameters:
Size: 13182676992
Block size: 4096
Blocks per group: 32768
Inodes per group: 8128
Inode size: 256
Journal blocks: 32768
Blocks: 3218427
Block groups: 99
Reserved block group size: 791
Created filesystem with 11/804672 inodes and 91191/3218427 blocks
target reported max download size of 268435456 bytes
Creating filesystem with parameters:
Size: 268435456
Block size: 4096
Blocks per group: 32768
Inodes per group: 8192
Inode size: 256
Journal blocks: 1024
Blocks: 65536
Block groups: 2
Reserved block group size: 15
Created filesystem with 11/16384 inodes and 2089/65536 blocks
erasing 'userdata'...
OKAY [ 0.218s]
sending 'userdata' (137154 KB)...
OKAY [ 4.306s]
writing 'userdata'...
OKAY [ 1.981s]
erasing 'cache'...
OKAY [ 0.047s]
sending 'cache' (6248 KB)...
OKAY [ 0.218s]
writing 'cache'...
OKAY [ 0.094s]
finished. total time: 6.895s

CD:\ADBFastboot>fastboot oem unlock
OKAY [ 0.008s]
finished. total time: 0.009s

CD:\ADBFastboot>fastboot erase cache
******** Did you mean to fastboot format this partition?
erasing 'cache'...
OKAY [ 0.194s]
finished. total time: 0.196s

CD:\fastboot_adb>fastboot reboot
finished. total time: -0.000s

Try to fix with adb, please type command : adb shellam start -S -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

If these method not solved, can follow more suggestion = Instal zte with adb sideload
*Notes :
Before flashing, maku sure wipe full data and factory reset.

More solution :
- Insert Sim as Connection [do not use WIFI]
- When display and asked email then remove sim card
- and automatically asked for locked screen.
- Make an screen lock / pattern lock.
- Turn Off the Phone.
- After then step try open browser to bypass FRP
- Download <= FRP Lock APK
- Make full reset.
- Problem solved.


Use alternative method of unlocking your ZTE devices for today, Here is the link to use:

Notes :
Recently ZTE and Google have been cracking down on exploits, so the method provided here may not work for some devices, if this is the case for your device, there is still hope! But unfortunately it is a paid service and will cost you a little money.

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Hope can help for all of your and Thank

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