Fonepad (K004) ME371MG flashing Guides

    Today I'm going to share Fonepad (K004) ME371MG flashing with MMC / SD Card . How to flashing Asus Fonepad (K004) ME371MG with MMC Card?

    Becarefully for flashing Fonepad (K004) ME371MG if firmware not suitable will damage your Baseband and could be No Signal / No Detect Sim Card.
    Asus Fonepad (K004) ME371MG tablet

    Okay, let's try to follow step by step for flashing Asus ME371MG:

    *- Make Sure Battery upper 70 %

    *- Download Firmware .raw 

    *- After Download Firmware, Put the file in MMC / SD Card (ME371MG_all_WW_user_V3.2.4.raw) file must to format .RAW

    *- Turn Off Asus Fonepad.

    *- Press / Pull (Power + Up ) for 5 second

    *- If the Screen Show USB Logo Press (Down Button) and Pull Volume Up

    *- Now the Screen Show SD DOWNLOAD and Input / Choice the Firmware.raw

    *- The firmwares in flashing progress.

    *- Now waiting until reboot.

    Hope that problems around the softwares would be solved after flashing, keep it up.

    Fonepad (K004) ME371MG flashing Guides

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