31 Mar 2016

Google Adsense Approved, how Long Time Waiting for ?

It took several days time to apply for stage 2 google adsense? Many bloggers hoping anxiously when it should be through a review of the second stage register adsense, because at this stage we require to wait for a decision on receipt or in his starting a blog to get a google adsense account nonhosted.
That is an increase from account to account nonhosted hosted or regular account, whose ad code can be used on all types of blogs (not just on blogspot).

 The process of this second phase is usually the most difficult, because many bloggers were uprooted and ended with the rejection of the google adsense. And this became a nightmare of bloggers today.

Once finished registering an account google adsense through blogs and verified, we can access the dashboard adsense account, then we are obliged to put an ad unit (ad code) contained in the dashboard adsense to our blog.

After that google adsense team will check thoroughly on the feasibility blog to register and follow the adsense program, the process is called the phase 2 review.

In the process of this submission, we must ensure the feasibility and requirements of a blog to register adsense, because we have not yet approved the registration completely. So we have to wait for the review of Tim google adsense to get full approval (full approved). In order to serve ads on our blog adsense.

The length of time for a review to the stage 2

Time for submission at this stage usually lasts 2 to 2-3 days (normal), but can also last longer Depending submission queue of prospective publishers from around the world.

So we have to be patient to wait and do not alter or remove the ad code as long as there is no notification by email, to be approved or rejected. During this process, we only show a blank ads on our blog page.

See official sources, here : https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/76228?hl=en

If approved, the blog pages we will show google adsense ads automatically, this is usually no direct notification of email, that you have been fully approved and may display advertisements on your blog.

Is this review process until many months?

There is a specific case ever experienced by prospective publisher, ie no notifications via email from google adsense until many months, but such cases are rare. Now google adsense is a review process is fairly quick, especially for submissions ever rejected, only takes at least 1 x 24 hours.

Why do I say that? Because I never rejected google adsense many times.

Tips For google adsense review process faster in the process.

Make sure the name of your blog is already listed in your account dashboard google adsense, check back to make sure if it is not.

How Long To Review Phase 2 Submission Adsense?

On the dashboard of your google adsense account click image toothed wheel (top right), click settings.

1. Open the site management

2. Enter the name of your blog.

Finally, click add site.

Now we can only wait for approval from Tim google adsense, many bloggers are upset wait this time, many of whom just resigned to the wait without doing anything, whereas before posting diligently every day. In fact, some are busy checking email every hour. Anything else is to not fond of eating and forget to shower.

the luck factor

If anyone says that the review this second stage requires only a few hours (short) may be just a coincidence alone (Hockey), because until now it was rarely experienced such, It is also I wrote in the article experiences in receipt google adsense , when I signed up in the country where I work.

So long as we are awaiting approval from google adsense team, we can do business as usual, regularly post articles and stay energized. If you are rejected for the time being, there are still many opportunities to register again to correct errors in the attached via email rejection.

We can register with the same email to many times, until Tim google adsense gave full consent.

Thus some questions regarding how long a review for phase 2 registration google adsense, may you be patient and not give up to get a google adsense account.

May be useful post for someone looking for adsense solutions.

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Google Adsense Approved, how Long Time Waiting for ?
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