Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Research Download Tool R2.9.9015 and R4.0.0001 Free Download

Spd upgrade tool / research download now Update to latest version v.r2.9.9015
SPD Upgrade tool / Reserch Download Tool is the most inportant and free softwares for flahsing any spreadtrum phone,shark,stingray / android CPU chipset for flashing file / firmware [dot]PAC.

Now after updated to latest (spd upgrade tool r2.9.9015) some CPU list updated to detected from this softwares, like : SC77xx -SC7710 -SC7715 -SC7710U -SC5735 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC7702 -SC7710G -SC7730 -SC7730_NAND -SC7730_simlock -SC8501C -SC8501C_samsung -SC8810 -SC8810-SIMLOCK -SC8825 -SC8825-SIMLOCK -SC8830 -SC8830_NAND -SC8830_simlock -SC9610 -SC9620 -Shark -Shark9620 -Stingray

Download Now | File Size : 1.650 Mb | 4shared | Version : R2.9.9015

Download Now | File Size : 1.14 Mb | Mediafire | Latest Version : Ver.R4.0.0001

Step by step flashing tutorial with reserch download softwares can look here => Flashing samsung c3520i | Flashing lenovo a238t | or can looking image below how to run the RD tool softwares.

learn more how to use RD Tool 
Research Download is an software for flashing, downgrade, upgrade, unlock for many CPU Phone support like spreadtrum, shark,Stingray, Shark4G - SharkL5ModeMarlinAndroid5.1.

After upgrade to high version more added the new CPU listed, we can look in image below what the last added from this flashing tool.
List the last added cpu list
Step by step flashing tutorial can look at here => Flashing samsung c3520i | Flashing lenovo 238t | or can looking image below do to run the reserch download tool.
The last CPU Supported list and will updated by spreadtrum :
  • -SC77xx -SC7710 -SC7715 -SC7710U -SC5735 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC7702 -SC7710G -SC7730 -SC7730_NAND -SC7730_simlock -SC8501C -SC8501C_samsung -SC8810 -SC8810-SIMLOCK -SC8825 -SC8825-SIMLOCK -SC8830 -SC8830_NAND -SC8830_simlock -SC9610 -SC9620 -Shark -Shark9620 -Stingray
*) This softwares is owned by spreadtrum comunication inc, for more infor mation and to fix any bug. We are here as share only for study.