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Custom Binary Blocked by FRP, How To Solved

    How To Overcome Custom Binary Blocked By FRP for All Samsung galaxy that use System Operation Lollipop and marshmallows. Read more => How to Easily Cope

    Image Custom Binary Blocked by FRP

    So far, no software or bypass (past) FRP Lock for samsung android particular, the method using full flashing the firmware, but made only flashing FRP lock only.

    Which makes us upset can not reinstall the Android. Errors that occur are usually caused by unsuitable firmware / kernel problem.

    This happened since samsung and his colleagues updated to OS5.0 and to the highest (marshmallow), for kitkat (OS 4.4) is very rare, even this is one means for android devices that we use is more secure than the loss (lost device ) supposing to reduce the rate of mobile phone theft and make us better data security.

    The problem is "Custom Binary Blocked by FRP" caused by a trivial thing usually, for example, do a factory reset the phone without removing check list the restore via email backed up, it could be because rooting unsuitable, upgrade CWM Recovery is not stable, and more because errors softwares / firmwares.

    In general, often performed by people is to hard reset recovery mode or more often called format 3 fingers or use TWRP Recovery.

    This means that all programs (flashing on the phone) that we do is in vain. However, this FRP case exists in its own way.

    Among them we can do so only with USB OTG only if the phone is still a normal life, just by installing a file and then throw check list latest setting.apk on restore email and we immediately returned to the factory / back to resetting and problems FRP is ok. Read it goes => Fix FRP with OTG

    But unfortunately not all mobile phones either category samsung, asus, oppo, ZTE, Huawei, etc. OTG support.

    But for other android ( acer , lenovo , Xiaomi , sony , asus , oppo , ZTE , Huawei , etc. ) we are a little easier to do the repairs , while the manner of which can be from fastboot and adb tool.

    So the core of our story How to Overcome Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Samsung Galaxy is the method of our own apart from flashing firmwares or stock rom

    We can fix by way of various tricks such as hotspots lock bypass FRP mikrotik ( my own practice ) read how = > bypass any android lock FRP .

    We can also use a USB OTG with setting.apk installation file you can download here = > Setting.apk

    We can also use the basic command android / cmd adb and fastboot .

    We can also use the tool in the form of flashing box / dongle had sold freely on the market .

    Okey , that's the case that struck down samsung and other mobile permasalahn Lock ON FRP which can only be used if user login and password correctly during a restore device .

    Custom Binary Blocked by FRP, How To Solved

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