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How to Push Files to Recovery Using ADB Command

Today I wanna show how to Push Files [dot]ZIP to Recovery Mode Using ADB Command.
So much people know if the sideload command working on adb sideload for any android smartphone.

Sideload Command:

For Example : adb sideload <filename of>

Before do this, must have : ADB Fastboot tool, can download here.

Now step-by-step Instruction :
1) Phone in recovery mode (Press Volume Down + Power Button)
2) Make sure Android Phone connect to computer.
3) Extract ADB Fastboot tool in the folder.
4) Remame firmware as
5) Copy the File ( in same folder
6) Open Command in Folder (Shift + Righ Click -> choice : Open command here)
7) Type Commad => adb push /sdcard/
8) Press ENTER
9) Waiting for pushing file and will installing the firmware.

For more detail, can look the image below :
Push Files to Recovery Mode
I hope now that command would be working good, same like show on image above.

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