10 Apr 2016

Xiaomi Mi4c Unlock Bootloader without Mi Account

Hello alls reader gsmaceh.com sites, today I want to share about Xiaomi Mi4c Bootloader Locked how to fix without login to Mi Cloud or Mi Account ?

Before, must to know if Bootloader Locked, Xiaomi Android SmartPhone could not be able to flashing any methode, like use adb sideload, fastboot,update by xiaomi phone manager or xiaomi Pc Suite.

Some people do it (unlock bootloader) for Costum Rom with CM12 or More Rom, but today I'am alone want to unlock bootloader for xiaomi Mi4c Lost password caused by lost Sim card. If ours sim card still a live we can reset password Mi Cloud with Phone , and that account not available email access, just one way, only simcard active will get reset pasword from Mi Cloud Server.

This problem so hard and I learn alone there xiomi forum so much people want to unlock them Bootloader, but must to accept verification with email, and must to use Mi Account to log in for get unlock Bootl oader.

Okay, I so dislike to long talk, but like to short talk and good working...

How to Unlock Mi4C Boot Loader Without Xiaomi Verification

Attention : This tutorials very - very dang*r, so becarefully, I dislike to hear if your xiaomi smartphone dead after unlock bootloader with my tutorials.

We need some softwares for Unlock Bootloader for Mi4c :

- ADB up and running (I am an Android developer, so I have this installed already - unsure if you need specific ADB drivers for Xiaomi devices) if still not can download here

- Xiaomi MI4c ;)

- MiFlash : Download (or here ) - Install

- Mi4c Image: libra_images_6.1.7_20151221.0000.11_5.1_cn_b09dac7 0a0.tgz (Download) - unpack until "images" directory is visible!

- Mi4c Fastboot Image: miui_MI4c_6.1.21_d1d054460d_5.1.zip (Download)

- [Optional] Latest TWRP: http://ift.tt/1U2mDSz

- [Optional] Latest build of CM 12.1: http://ift.tt/1U2mDlr

Step-by-step for unlock the bootloader :

Unlocked done
Step 1 may be optional : I was not sure, if I could also reach use the fastboot oem edl command in a higher version of MIUI... feedback required.

Downgrade your Mi4c by flashing the 6.1.21 image via the "Updater" app (use top right icon to select image)

Reboot into fastboot mode (Power + Vol Down)

Command: fastboot oem edl (this brings your device in a kind of emergency recovery state)

Use MiFlash to flash 6.1.7 image (Browse => select the "images" directory of the 6.1.7 package and start flashing)

Reboot until 6.1.7 is completely loaded (at this point it may take a while)

Reboot into fastboot mode (Power + Vol Down)

Command: fastboot oem unlock => at this point you should have an unlocked bootloader

Now optionally install TWRP and subsequently CM 12.1 and enjoy (see respective linkes in the requirements for a how to)

TWRP: fastboot flash recovery <twrp name>.img

I hope now you cant to make your xiaomi Mi4c which you want without locked by bootloader.

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Xiaomi Mi4c Unlock Bootloader without Mi Account
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