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3 Often Occurs in the Android SmartPhone Everytime and Anywhere Must to Known for Easy fix Problems

    This time I want to discuss / share a little bit about the damage that often occurs in the android, the software and hardware as well bloatware.
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    Hardware Malfunction
    Symptoms that arise when a faulty hardware including:
    # Handphone life and just appeared logo, but once installed just vibrate, this often happens on the phone oppo, advan, lenovo, samsung, vivo,xiaomi, etc.
    # At a time in the wipe is not successful, appears wipe failed
    # Wipe data and cache failed
    # Once in a very long flashing shakes and attempted flash again still remains.

    Damage Software
    # Hang logo / Boot loop can be fixed by reflashing using original firmware, and stockrom back up of mobile life that has not been exposed to the virus.
    # Often off / restart when opening an application.
    # Loading long made us tired of waiting for a good time also in the running application is turned apk.
    # Application crashes, frequent errors, unfortunately com.bla.bla unstoppable

    Bloadware Problems
    Well this time the disease / damage to the android that is often experienced by all android versions of either jelly bean lollipop and kitkat also is infected with a virus apk. These viruses often come from sites that are negative as p *rn* sites and relates to s ● x.

    *) Bloadware damage can be overcome by making the uninstall file / application interrupt only and if it really makes us upset could easily do with install it.

    There are several ways to repair diseased Oppo Cell Phone blue screen / boot loop / vibrate, such as:
    *) Stage One and know of cases of damage and repair software.

    Initially oppo R1001 condition is life, only ads that often appear automatically download apk / system error / com.bla.bla stalled / unfortunately stalled / virus infection and other factors that affect the softwares which one repair only use a flash back with the original firmware in accordance with the number of the build (Build number) and the appropriate firmware version.

    3 Often Occurs in the Android SmartPhone Everytime and Anywhere Must to Known for Easy fix Problems

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