2 Mei 2016

Nextbit Robin Review with Unlimited Storage

A win the guys and keep behind here and this is the next bit Robin and it's supposed to be the smartphone that never runs out of storage with a clean so as a new smartphone this thing is actually really interesting anytime you get an entire phone made by a brand new company there's some decisions that have to be made to put it on the map and the Robin is no exception so next bit Robin is this very squared off rectangular phone with tight corners are kinda looks a little uncomfortable at first but has the sort of soft-touch finish and actually feel really good and has a decent balance of weight a well-fitted parts and it's durable enough that it feels like you get hurt so with this thing so it will build it feels good you got your power button on the right hand side which is also a fingerprint reader and you tiny volume buttons on the left hand side.
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I think these might be the worst part of the build the buttons are small with very little travel in the power button on the right it doesn't protrude also can be kinda hard to tell which side is up without looking to fingerprint readers actually really good though the speed and accuracy are on point and pro tip with the side placement like this actually kinda like you can have two fingers registered your left index finger and your right thumb for the way you get the phone anyway USB Type C at the bottom left corner with a quick charging late and on the front dual stereo front facing speakers.

I love this they're loud and clear so that's awesome for gaming listening to music and watching videos etc the great choice there now from here you can pick it up and use it just like a normal $400 Android smartphone it's running the latest version of Android 6 Plano and it's a custom next bit skin which will get you in a second but a lot of the elements still feel pretty stocks like the notifications the lockscreen the Quick Settings etcetera suspects are pretty good too Snapdragon 800 83 gigabytes of RAM and a 2680 million bar battery I'd say the performance two suspects were up to par pretty smooth throughout which is an occasional force close are a weird storage problem but the battery life was a little worse.

I was getting like three and a half hours of screen on time which is less than I expected out of a 5.2 inch 1080p display 13 megapixel camera on the back was decent kinda reminded me of the BlackBerry prove camera actually so colors out of it were fine details fine but an immigrant was a little weak so a lot of stuff got overexposed but overall solid for the budget just a little slow to actually take the photos and a custom next video camera as you can see that shutter lag is real but so how is this the phone that doesn't run out of storage well all the magic is buried here in the next bid skin so every next bit Robin comes with 32 gigs of onboard storage but then also a hundred gigs of free cloud storage now right off the bat that's not unlimited but whatever that's a lot more than 32 gigs and then the Robin is supposed to be smart enough and it is to offload the oldest and least frequently used stuff from the internal storage straight to the crowd when has been accessed in a while so when you start to feel very few gigabytes old apps and old photos that haven't been opened in a while will move to the cloud and make room for more and the idea is that to happen seamlessly almost without you ever having a notice now this is the next big launcher and his agency here all these app icons there is no after so all your apps here are spread across home screens and we can talk about.

Whether you like that are not in another video but that's the way it's set up so you can tap a nap if you want to get into it and it opens right up now you may have noticed some of the icons are greyed out the apps that are offline or in the cloud and they're not stored on the device anymore when you click on them it takes a minute to download everything in the state you last left it in and then it opens up right where you left off and it takes a good second even on solid wifi but this archiving and restoring process is the big selling point for the rotten now if there are apps you use all the time that you don't want to get archived you can swipe down on the icon to pin them into apps never go to the cloud depend on the device forever of course if you're using all the time you shouldn't even need to pin them it shouldn't accidentally get archives using a lot but yeah that's it that's the secret to Robin never ending at a story now for a $400 phone having potentially a hundred and 32 gigs of storage is cool but it's also dependent on the internet and buying into an expert system and I almost wouldn't buy this phone just for this feature in fact i buy this phone the fact that at its price , it's actually a pretty solid Android smartphone and you can ignore all the next big stuff and just use it like a normal phone calls on your lawn chair of choice you can root it rhamat actually unlocked out the box and all support loading San Jamar on it or something and they still under the warranty so this is like a good phone for the price.

Outside of their storage solution now if you are buying a mid-range phone specifically focusing on having lots of storage I look at something with a microSD card slot let me be the one plus acts because you can go past two hundred gigs but if that's not hugely important in your choosing between this and something like Nexus 5 X or 1+2 definitely worth considering this video quality is up to par the specs and performance are pretty solid and the user experience isn't too crazy and obviously you can change the way you like it now I'll say this if this were a normal $400 vanilla Android smartphone with a microSD card slot instead of the next big cloud stuff it might have been hit but it's cool to see this type of cloud-based storage solution in action props to next bit.

Nextbit Robin Specs:
Network: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint
OS: Android Marshmallow with Nextbit Home Launcher
CPU: Snapdragon 808 processor
Screen: 13cm 1920×1080 IPS LCD (424 PPI)
Storage: 32GB + 100GB Cloud Storage
Camera: 13 megapixel rear camera / 5 megapixel front camera
Battery: 2680 mAh
Price and Availability: US$399 at nextbit.com (not including shipping to Australia).
Notable extras: Fingerprint sensor, NFC, quick charging, dual front-firing speakers, unlocked bootloader, USB Type-C
Test notes: Although the 13 megapixel camera is certainly passable, it’s definitely not the best. If you really, really want nice mobile photography, pay attention to the S7 and G5 when they reportedly launch this weekend.

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Nextbit Robin Review with Unlimited Storage
4/ 5