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Hi all readers, today I going to share the last version of SPD Upgrade Tool [RESEARCH DOWNLOAD R4.0.0001], where these one is very useful tools for flashing, downgrade, upgrade, unlock, for all Spreadtrum CPU Chipset.

Notes :
- No box, No Dongle.
- Only PAC file for flashing

Now the last version is  Ver.R4.0.0001 and available to download.

Start Download Now | File size : 2 MB | No Password | File Name : Research Download_R4.0.0001.exe |

Here more links for Upgrade download latest version, Factory Download latest version. <= read more

Learn more how to flashing phone or tablet use this tools, can look here => flashing mito t89 spd chipset 7731

Here link for download and fix SPD Driver latest version => Download SPD Driver

List of CPU Chipset latest added for this version :
SPD Upgrade Tool Ver.R4.0.0001 Chipset Supported
The last CPU Supported list and supported with SPD_Upgrade_Tool_R4.0.0001 :

SC77xx -SC7710 -SC7715 -SC7710U -SC5735 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC6530 -SC7702 -SC7710G -SC7730 -SC7730_NAND -SC7730_simlock -SC8501C -SC8501C_samsung -SC8810 -SC8810-SIMLOCK -SC8825 -SC8825-SIMLOCK -SC8830 -SC8830_NAND -SC8830_simlock -SC9610 -SC9620 -Shark -Shark9620 -Stingray

*) Research Download tool is an softwares made by Spreadtrum for full credit this software / tools.

RESEARCH DOWNLOAD Tool R4.0.0001 Rating: 4.9 Written by: Unknown