10 Sep 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7

Hey everyone how's it going this is watch hope you guys are all the way well so the new iphone 7 just called announced moments ago we're going to take a look at the overall speech ourselves and specifications of the brand new smartphone device that is very highly anticipated and of course do a comparison between probably one of the most popular Android smartphones out there the samsung galaxy s7 so if you guys are interested in seeing what the new iphone has to offer and see how it compares I get the s7 the perfect video for you so let's get right into it now first thing we're going to talk about the overall design changes made to the iphone 7,it actually looks very similar to the six and six as are relatively speaking still have an aluminum unibody construction all the curves are nicely rounded so it's gonna be fairly comfortable in the hand and when it comes to colors you have two new color editions one is a simply black matte black kind of finish and another one is the jet black which is a glossy black finish.
Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7
I could be really interesting for those you guys out there that want a darker iphone of course you can still get the iphone in the standard color scheme of silver gold and rose gold now dimensionally speaking of the iphone 7 is going to be smaller thinner as well as lighter than the samsung counterpart measuring about 7.1 millimeters overall thickness vs seven point nine millimeters and a hundred and thirty eight grams versus a hundred fifty two grams respectively now another new feature on the iphone 7 is a dust and water-resistant specifically with an ip67 certification the ss7 is rated for ip68 which is good for another half meter deeper in terms of water resistant but there's not really a big difference between the two in terms of overall durability you do have a gorilla glass 4 technology on the front and back of the samsung versus the iphone is using ion strengthen glass at the front of the device although both devices come equipped with a fingerprint scanner the samsung definitely has more scanners built into the device including a heart rate monitor that optically senses yeah your blood oxygen levels as well.

Now the home button on the iphone 7 is not actually a physical button anymore it's not using the mechanical switch that you find in older generation iphones you now have a force-sensitive home button which is a pretty much using the same technology as the new track pads on the macbooks so it will give you active haptic feedback without any kind of mechanical button engagement system which is going to be interesting and if you do like the new track pads on the macbooks you'll have pretty much a very similar experience using the home button over here now probably one of the most dramatic changes on to the new iphone which definitely will piss off some people is that you do not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack anymore you're going to be forced to use a lightning adapter which comes thankfully included inside each of the new iphone 7 or use headphones with a built-in lightning connectivity which also comes with the iphones and obviously there's gonna be a whole line of different accessories and headphones specializing in the Lightning connectivity on the plus side you do have stereo front-facing speakers on the new iphones which will definitely give you higher overall volume than the older generation iphones as well as better fertility and in most cases is going to probably even sound better than the speakers that come with the s7 which are a downward-facing removal assembly the displays on both these two devices probably was disappointing things about the new iphone 7 is that you don't really have a major upgrade in terms of display technology and size is still 4.7 inch IPS LED backlit with 3d touch integration there are some minor changes in terms of overall brightness and color gamut compared to the older generation smart phone display, but you still have the same native resolution and the same PP i count about 326 which is looking quite dated to the quality issue resolution we have on the s7 as well as with that super amoled display it's going to give you some of the best color reproduction and black levels on any smartphone and because it has a feature called always on using the organic LED technology it will give you simple information about time and the basic notifications on at the display even when you're not using it which is a definitely a cool thing something that the iphones can do if they want to save the battery life now under the hoods of these smartphones comes a brand new processors on the iphone as seven side so it's using the new Apple 8n fusion ship which is out for the first time a true quad-core processor that's done a little bit differently the traditional smartphone quad-core processors it's basically a 64-bit architecture and a 2 cores are designed for performance and the other two cores are designed for high efficiency so they can run out 150 power so if you're just browsing the web or checking email simple things that don't require a lot of processing horsepower you can actually employ those efficiency cores and turn off or throttle down at the performance course giving you better overall efficiency battery life etc.

The Samsung s7 comes in a couple of different varieties either the snapdragon 820 chip or the XC knows octa-core a chip which is i believe the 88 90 and ramya four gigabytes of RAM on at the s7 vs at the iphone or not a hundred percent sure but it might be around two to three gigabytes we're not exactly sure at this point and the GPU on at the a-10 fusion ship is about fifty percent faster than the a9 and when it comes to the memory of variety you have 3228 and 256 gigabyte models on the iphone and on the a7 side it comes in either 32 or 64 gigabyte models with the option to expand your internal memory via a microSD expansion slot and you can go up to 256 gigabytes if you like of course when we get our hands on at the iphone 7 we're definitely going to be doing some, performance tests and benchmarks to see how it stacks up against the internal performance on the samsung galaxy s7 so make sure you're subscribed for those upcoming performance test videos and now moving on probably the most important things about any contemporary smartphone is the camera performance and we do have basically a very similar camera technology on both fronts a 12 megapixel sensors the lands on at the s7 is a little bit a larger f 1.7 vs f 1.8 not a huge margin their optical stabilization as well as phase detection autofocus 'as on both those sensors the iphone 7 has also quality will tone flash now the real big upgrades come with the iphone 7 plus which actually has do all cameras will talk about that in that specific videos but big upgrade over here is definitely front-facing camera which is highly deserved on at the new iphone basically seven megapixels with f2 point2 lens and that's actually higher resolution of any samsung for the first time and you can also do 1080p at 30fps video on both front facing cameras as well when it comes to video performance both can shoot 4k @ 30fps as well as 1080p at 60fps and slow motion at 720p beyond that the iphone has a new image processing chip which will basically speed up the process of your auto focusing and give you more accurate color reproduction as well as white balance and also do some noise reduction processing as well.

I will have to see what the camera and performances like when it comes to low light and video quality and sharpness compared to the samsung camera once we get our hands on both devices at the same time so again and stay tuned for camera comparison upcoming very very soon no it comes to a battery life at the iphone 7 will roughly have two more hours than the iphone as 6s we don't have a specific capacity so we can compare the capacity to the three thousand million power battery we have on the s7,but we can definitely confirm that it doesn't have wireless charging or official fast charging capabilities although i'm sure you can charge the iphone a little bit quicker using a a 2 amp charger that usually comes with your ipad but there's no official fast charging capabilities or wireless charging capabilities unfortunately these iphones at this point of course like everything else we're gonna definitely be putting at these two devices head-to-head in our dedicated battery test comparison so i will definitely determine which one comes out on top in terms of overall battery performance with that video really on that guys and that's really it and now we also will have a specificationcomparison between the iphone as seven plus which has a couple of additional features beyond the standard iphone 7 and we're going to do a comparison between and that note 7 which is fairly logical so check out.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7
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