12 Okt 2016

Safe mode samsung galaxy [solved]

What is safe mode on samsung galaxy ?

In this tutorial I want to show you how to enable the safe mode on Samsung Galaxy do fine you can use this option if you want to turn off the taps.

That causing / troubles on your form thing that you must do is to power off your phone from the power button click on power off again

Power off and now you must hold the volume down button and the power button
safe mode for samsung J500
Until see Samsung logo now remove the singer from the power button but keep holding the volume down and now he's and you can go to apps settings and go to applications ok application manager and series all and can uninstall the accident causing drivers ok let's go back so if you scroll down the top bar we have a message here save more BC in a bowl ok if you type here to these able to save more than you can believe ice will restart and all your apps will be done and just press on doing it and now the four million restart and the same or is this a bug is all smiles toiled for today I hope this is useful for all.

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In this tutorial I will show you how to enable and disable SAFE MODE on Samsung Galaxy J5 J500F.You can use this option if you want to turn off and uninstall the apps that causing troubles on your phone.


- Safe mode allows to your device to run without non-essential applications.

- Use this method to see what app is causing your device to freeze/reset/run slow.

- Use this method before any hard reset.

Safe mode samsung galaxy now [solved]

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Safe mode samsung galaxy [solved]
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