Firmware Aplus GEN4 Flashtool

    Firmware Aplus GEN4 Flashtool

    Free Download Firmware A+ Plus Gen4 FlashTool

    BROM version: 7.1632.5.0
    Loading DA: MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin (6.20 MiB)
     version: 3.3001.00.00, start addr: 0x40000800
    Connecting to BootROM...
    Power off the phone, disconnect and reconnect the battery(if possible) and connect USB cable...
     Scanning BootROM or Preloader port... Done.
     Detected PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM23)
    Connecting Bootrom... Done.
    Sending download agent... Done.
    Platform: MT6572_S00, Hw ver: 0xCA00, Sw ver: 0x0000
     Secure ver: 0xFF, BL ver: 0x01
     Sec config: 0x00
     SRAM size: 128 KiB
    DRAM size: 1 GiB
    BL Secure ver: 0x02
    Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded)
    Manufacturer ID: 0xFE (Micron)
    Product name: P1J94L (0x50314a39344c), rev: 0x12, serial number: 0x0FFF4619
    Manufacturing date: Dec 2014
    CID: FE014E50 314A3934 4C120FFF 4619C145
    Capacity: 3.65 GiB(3,920,625,664 bytes)
     Boot1: 1024 KiB
     Boot2: 1024 KiB
     RPMB: 1024 KiB
     User area: 3.65 GiB(3,917,479,936 bytes)

    platform: MT6572, cpu abi: armeabi-v7a
    manufacturer: Aplus Gen4
    board: m715_emmc, name: Aplus Gen4
    brand: Aplus, model: Aplus Gen4
    build id: KOT49H, version: 4.4.2 KitKat (Aplus Gen4_V1.1_S20150115.15)
    build description: m715_emmc-user 4.4.2 KOT49H eng.zhu.1421307726 test-keys

    build version: ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.5
    lcd: ili9806E_vdo_fwvga_mt6572 hx8379c_dsi_vdo_6572
    screen resolution: 800 x 480
    main camera: sp0718_yuv gc2035_yuv  sp2519_yuv
     lens: sensordrive
    front camera: sp0a19_yuv gc0329_yuv
    audio: amp_aw8145amp_aw8145 amp_6323pmic_spk
    touch: msg2133
    modem: MBK72_WET_JB3_HSPA_M715

    Reading preloader_m715_emmc.bin... Done.
    Reading mbr... Done.
    Reading ebr1... Done.
    Reading pro_info... Done.
    Reading nvram... Done.
    Reading protect_f... Done.
    Reading protect_s... Done.
    Reading seccfg... Done.
    Reading lk.bin... Done.
    Reading boot.img... Done.
    Reading recovery.img... Done.
    Reading secro.img... Done.
    Reading misc... Done.
    Reading logo.bin... Done.
    Reading expdb... Done.
    Reading system.img... Done.
    Reading cache.img... Done.
    Reading userdata.img... Done.
    Reading fat.img... Done.
    Files saved to \\C:\Users\Ariefati\Documents\Aplus%20Gen4_V1.1_S20150115.15\

    Firmware Aplus GEN4 Flashtool

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