Firmware Advan i5c Mediatek MT6737M

    Free Download Firmware advan i5C Mediatek MT6737M
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    Writing boot partition config to 0x48... Done.
     Writing preloader header...  Done.
    Current partition access:
     Access to boot partition 1
     Writing preloader at 0x00000000 (238 sectors)... Done in 0.013 s
    Current partition access:
     Access to user area
    Processing file: "lk.bin"...
     Writing lk at 0x01C80000 (691 sectors)... Done in 0.056 s
    Processing file: "boot.img"...
     Writing boot at 0x01D80000 (14404 sectors)... Done in 0.998 s
    Processing file: "recovery.img"...
     Writing recovery at 0x02D80000 (15660 sectors)... Done in 1.083 s
    Processing file: "logo.bin"...
     Writing logo at 0x03D80000 (1123 sectors)... Done in 0.079 s
    Processing file: "secro.img"...
     Writing secro at 0x05200000 (264 sectors)... Done in 0.031 s
    Processing file: "trustzone.bin"...
     Writing tee1 at 0x06000000 (118 sectors)... Done in 0.011 s
    Processing file: "trustzone.bin"...
     Writing tee2 at 0x06500000 (118 sectors)... Done in 0.009 s
    Processing file: "system.img"...
     Unsparsing image... Done.
     Writing system at 0x0B000000 (3833856 sectors)... Done in 5 mins 8.283 s
    Processing file: "cache.img"...
     Unsparsing image... Done.
     Writing cache at 0x80000000 (819200 sectors)... Done in 1 min 27.885 s
    Processing file: "userdata.img"...
     Unsparsing image... Done.
     Writing userdata at 0x99000000 (6651904 sectors)...  Done in 9 mins 34.888 s

    MTK Preloader file info.
    Found 8 supported eMMC CID:
     [Kingston] V10008 70010056 31303030 38xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [SanDisk] DS1008 45010044 53313030 38xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [Samsung] F722MB 15010046 3732324D 42xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [Kingston] EH8CE8 70010045 48384345 38xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [Samsung] FNX2MB 15010046 4E58324D 42xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [SK Hynix] H8G1e 90014A48 38473165 05xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [SK Hynix] H8G4a’ 90014A48 38473461 92xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
     [Kingston] EH8EE8 70010045 48384545 38xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

    Firmware Advan i5c Mediatek MT6737M

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