Miracle 2.80 Thunder Edition ! ! ! Update

    Millions of Mobile Support
    # Connect Auto CPU
    # Connect Model Wise

    1. MTK Add Unlock Network Support Meta Mode.
    2. Qualcomm Improve OEM Read/Write.
    3. Qualcomm Add New Xiaomi Redmi 5/5A/5 Plus Account Unlock Support.
    4. Qualcomm Add Meizu E3 Account Unlock Support.
    5. LG Add New FRP Remove Support.

    Supported Model List Miracle 2.80 

    LG G4 H540/LG G4 H540F/LG G4 H540T/LG G4 H542TR
    LG G4 H810/LG G4 H811/LG G4 H812 /LG G4 H815
    LG G4 H815T
    LG G4 H815H
    LG G4 H818
    LG G4 H818N
    LG G4 H818P
    LG G4 H819
    LG G4 LS991
    LG G4 US991
    LG G4 VS986
    LG G4 AS986
    LG G4 Beat
    LG G4 F500K
    LG G4 F500L
    LG G4 F500S
    LG P1
    LG Flex 2 LS996
    LG Flex 2 F560L
    LG Flex 2 F510S
    LG Flex 2 US995
    LG Flex 2 H950A
    LG Flex 2 H950
    LG Flex 2 H955
    LG H631
    LG H630
    LG H540
    LG H635
    LG H320
    LG H324
    LG H324T
    LG H324TR
    LG H326
    LG H326
    LG H340
    LG H345
    LG H343
    LG LS660
    LG LS665
    LG LS770
    LG MS345
    LG MS631
    LG G4C H525N
    LG H735
    LG H736
    LG H736P

    6.MTK & Qualcomm Add New Models.

    Supported List:
    ACER A1-811
    Acer Iconia One 8 B1-830
    Acer Iconia One 8 B1-850
    Acer Z630
    BQ X5
    Condor A8 (PGN-611)
    Condor A8 Plus (PGN-612)
    Condor A55 (PGN-606)
    Condor A55 Plus (PGN-613)
    Condor A55 Slim (PGN-608)
    Condor A100 (PGN-607)
    Condor A100 Lite (PGN-609)
    Condor G4 (PGN-513)
    Condor G4 Plus (PGN-521)
    Condor G5 Plus (PAM-524)
    Condor L1 (SP-622)
    Condor M1 (SP-614)
    Condor M1 Plus (SP-615)
    Condor M2 (SP-617)
    Condor P4 (PGN-409)
    Condor P4 Plus (PGN-527)
    Condor P4 Pro (PGN-515)
    Condor P5 (PGN-516)
    Condor P6 (PGN-517)
    Condor P6 Plus (PGN-522)
    Condor P6 Pro (PGN-518)
    Condor P6 Pro LTE (PGN-528)
    Condor P7 (PGN-514)
    Condor P7 Plus (PGN-523)
    Condor P8 (PGN-605)
    Condor P8 Lite (PGN-610)
    Condor TFX-711G)
    Condor TFX-712G)
    Condor TFX-713L)
    Condor TFX-714L)
    Condor TGW-102L)
    Condor TGW710G)
    Condor TGW-801G)
    Condor TGW-801L)
    Condor TMK-715L)
    Gionee A1 Lite
    Lenovo TB-7304I
    Meizu E3
    OnePlus A3003 (2)
    OnePlus A3003
    Oppo A85
    Redmi 5 Plus
    Sharp Aquos SS2
    True Smart Speedy 4.0 Plus
    VIVO Y79_2
    VIVO Y75S
    VIVO Y79
    VIVO Y79A
    VIVO X7
    Zuum Onix

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    Thunder Power Millions of Mobile Repairing Solution

    Br [SV] Miracle Team

    Miracle 2.80 Thunder Edition ! ! ! Update

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