Nokia 7230c Pinout for flashing with FBUS

    Nokia 7230c Pinout
    Nokia 7230c Pinout
    Read also to fix :Nokia 1680c,1681c, Camera Failure Problem Solution
    This is the Nokia 1680c or 1681c classic camera failure problem solution like, camera hardware acceleration failed etc.
    This solution provides some hints on how to fix the problem.

    For camera failures, you may first try to restore, flash update the device flash firmware before proceeding to hardware troubleshooting.
    if however that the flash firmware is okay, you may then refer to the solution below and do some check up and replacement procedure on some components.

    Nokia 1680c,1681c Camera Problem Repair Solotion
    nokia 1680c camera operation failed

    first check all the camera supply voltages like camera DC supply voltage regulator IC. 

    If all of these voltages is okay. Try to replace the camera module.
    If the camera module is okay, Reheat, rework the camera IC and then replace if necessary.

    Read More " How to fix : Nokia 1680c,1681c Display Light Problem Jumper Ways
    This is a solution for Nokia 1680c or 1681c classic display backlight LED problem and it shows a dark screen display. This solution provides a some hints on how to diagnose and fix the phone's display light problem.

    To solved this problem, you may first try to replace and install a new LCD module to easily determine if the LCD LED's were still working or not. If the newly installed show same problem, refer to the following solution below and check some components that holds for the LCD backlight LED's.

    Nokia 1680c,1681 Display Light Jumper Solution
    nokia 1681 display light jumper picture

    Check and clean the LCD pin connector, for possible damaged and oxidation build up. Trace each corresponding LED connection down to a components where it is connected, check also and then replace that components if found damaged. Check and read the LED driver supply voltage and the filter coil. If these voltage is missing the keypad LED will also not work. If both LCD and the Keypad LED doesn't work, replace the LED driver IC.

    Nokia 7230c Pinout for flashing with FBUS

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