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PuPuRu is a service providing rental cellphones for use within Japan and overseas.
Proud of being No. 1 in the industry for the number of phones available,
we can provide the phones and service to fit your needs.
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Mobile phones and WiFi during your Japan trip

In these days of facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, smart phones and i-Pads access to the internet and keeping in touch with friends and family online has become an important part of many people's holiday experience.
However, Japan is surprisingly, not the simplest place to keep in touch from.
Free WiFi is not readily available in Japan.
Many hotels only offer wired internet connections (not much help if you are trying to get online with your iPhone or Blackberry) and although the cities are covered in WiFi zones they are all for subscribers only and can not be purchased on an ad-hoc basis.
Kyoto City has introduced a free WiFi zone in the centre of the city but you will not find this in many other cities.
Similarly, although nearly all coffee shops and bars have WiFi, it is nearly always a subscription service.

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PUPURU WiFi Rental Japan
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