6 Mei 2016

FRP Lock Samsung One Click Fix [removal]

Hello all visitor where looking for FRP Problem on Samsung Android , Today I wanna share how to fix it with simple method usage Miracle Box Softwares version 2.27A by Miracle Team.

One Click FRP Lock Samsung will show for Example today is an android phone running OS [Operation System] 5.1 / Lollipop for Samsung J5, how to do it with step-by-step for Fix FRP Problem?

Now can follow me for all Miracle Box Interface Users, how to run the software for FRP Lock.

*- Turn ON the Phone.
**- Plug in to PC [connect to computer] with USB, wait until really detected driver in PC.
***- Open Miracle Softwares version 2.27A or Upper.

Follow like show on image tutorial.

1. Tab to Samsung

2. Click Scan Button

3. Choice DOWNLOAD and Click GO Button

4. Choice Reset FRP

5. Click Start Button

Waiting for a while phone will reboot and FRP Lock Clean and Set as New Phone.
More detail tutorial can look with image taken by Me [@stchenslem] below :
Tested on Samsung J500 and more
Now solved for all FRP samsung by use method / ways above.


Download FRP Reset Files For Samsung Smart Phones & Tablets:


J700F_FRP_Reset_Pack.tar Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_G550FY Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_G920T Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_G925i_OJ6_SBOOT_MODEM Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_J200G_SBOOT Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_J700F Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920F_OJ1 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920_OJ6 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920T_OJ7 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920T1_OI5 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920T1_OJ6 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G920w8_OJ7 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G925F_OJ1 Download

Samsung_FRP_ Reset_ File_MODEM_G925I_OJ6 Download

SBOOT_N920G_OJ4 Download

SBOOT_N920I_OJ4 Download

SBOOT_N920K_OJ4 Download

SBOOT_SM-A800I_OJ3 Download

SBOOT_SM-A800IZ_OJ1 Download

SBOOT_SM-A800YZ Download

SBOOT_SM-G920AZ_OJ6 Download

SBOOT_SM-G920F Download

SBOOT_SM-G920G1_OI5 Download

SBOOT_SM-G920I_OGA Download

SBOOT_SM-G920I_OJ6 Download

SBOOT_SM-G920K_OJ2 Download

SBOOT_SM-G920K_PAD Download

SBOOT_SM-G9200_OJ2 Download

SBOOT_SM-G9208_OGB Download

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FRP Lock Samsung One Click Fix [removal]
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